Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Which Ones Are Cedars? - Chapter 1 of a novel I wrote while my oldest boy slept (and at other odd hours). Avoid reading it and crap like it

The first time I was a Stay-at-Home Dad and had more time on my hands, I started writing crap. At first it was just observations I thought were funny, then I got bored and turned it into a novel, a political thriller centered around the secession of The Western States of America. I've adapted the idea since and am publishing it here: http://rantdigseek.blogspot.com/.

Parenting and Revolution should not mix, but sometimes they do anyway...

The crappy first version is going here: http://themoonshakes.blogspot.com/

The lesson: Don't get distracted by crap. If you're ignoring the kid, sitting at the computer reading political blog crap or writing crap, the kid will start thinking the computer is more important to you than he is.

He will not like this and will act out in various ways to get your attention. This is not good, it is the beginning of his education in manipulating you. It will never end, you cannot stop it, all you can hope to do is contain it.

So, don't read my old crap. I'm gonna post it anyway cuz it helps me see how I can improve my writing and/or parenting. That was 2002-2005. This is 2008. I'm a different person, the world is a different place.

Kids...still kids...

Pay attention to them.

Think about what you want to read, write, do while you're engaged with the kid, then use your time wisely when they sleep or are being cared for by someone else.

In the long run you'll be more productive and the kid will be happier, better behaved. This, of course, is hopeful, if not downright wishful thinking, but at least you won't have a three-year old hitting the delete button while you spout nonsense.

Did I mention kids are wicked smart?

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