Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Spoonful of Sugar...

I speak the Mary Poppins sense.

What I'm really talking about is cash.

Well, credit.

The getting ready in the AM, teeth brushed, breakfast eaten, clothes on, and out the door in time to make the bus every day was proving darn near impossible. Lots of screaming, and threats of physical violence and "consequences" such as the rescinding of "privileges".

All to no avail.

There were still occasions when we had to drive to school, throwing the finely-tuned morning schedule into turmoil.

Remembering my mother's axiom that you catch more flies with sugar than vinegar, and knowing well my 7-year-old's greed and competitive spirit (he's the only kid who could turn the watching of Tom and Jerry into a competition sport); I made the process into a game.

December 19th begins the Holiday Break, there were 15 school days left until then. I told him if he could make the bus 8 times he'd get $5, 10 times $10, 12 times $15 dollars, and all 15 times $20.

He's 5 for 5.

We keep track on a scorecard.

My wife thinks I'm bribing him.

She sleeps in.

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